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Twitter recently announced that it has over 300 million users, yet many dental practice owners remain confused over how to use Twitter for lead generation purposes. Micro-blogging, or Tweeting, sounds straight forward enough. Simply keep your messages to under 140-characters and hit send.

But once dental practice owners actually try Twitter for themselves, many quickly become overwhelmed by all the ‘noise’ on the site. Twitter generates 300 million tweets a day. So how can anyone possibly discern your tweets from all the others? I’m going to show you. When it comes to twitter, most business owners become frustrated with:

  • What to Tweet about.
  • How to get more followers.
  • How to get the very best followers.
  • The decision to use Twitter at all.

I’m here to tell you that, if used the right way, Twitter can be an invaluable tool for any dental practice. Using Twitter for lead generation purposes takes know-how and patience, but you can ramp up your efforts by using a few tips from the experts.

The following tips will help you create better tweets that get more attention and attract more followers than you’d expect. Just hang in there. Twitter isn’t going away anytime soon and many business owners have found success with it. Stick with it and it will soon work for you.

Tweet To Your Target Audience

A Twitter account with more followers looks more legitimate in the eyes of other users. Therefore, your goal is to always gain more followers. But who should you target? It’s said that one in two follower requests is accepted. So go after Twitter users in your target audience but don’t be overly picky. The more the merrier, as long as those Twitter accounts are active.

Remain Consistent

Don’t just tweet and forget. Too many dental practices begin their Twitter campaigns with enthusiasm only to let their Twitter habits go the wayside. You should be tweeting regularly, preferably once or twice per week. Of course you can Tweet more often if you wish, as many business owners Tweet daily.

Get the Conversation Started

When stuck on what to tweet, focus on messages that get people talking. Asking questions is always an effective strategy, but you could also request feedback regarding an industry-related topic. If you can get others engaged and talking, you’ve done your job as a successful Twitter user.

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