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Conversion Rate Optimization


Measuring website traffic, and relevant action taken by visitors is at the heart of any web business. These numbers depict the health of your business online, an attractive website with less or no visitors is second to a badly designed website with a more visitors. Once the website is Live, we believe the focus is less on the website layout and more on the traffic or the business a website is going to give to you.

Ultimately the return on investment (ROI) measured for the web channel is against relevant traffic and not on the attractiveness of the website. An attractive and a user- friendly website is for converting visitorsalready on the website.

Getting visitors or traffic on the website is one thing but it being relevant is more important. Lesser the relevant traffic, the lesser we will see conversions or business coming from the online channel, similarly higher the relevancy better the conversions. We work for relevant traffic and then better conversions.

The team at Rise will study and analyze all the factors above and much more, to see if there is a hole in your website.

After getting traffic, the goal is to get better conversion rates, by making sure all the working elements within your website are in-synch with what users expect.

After having higher rankings, and as a result better traffic it is important we see a relative growth in conversions, leads or inquires coming from the web channel. Not getting more leads or getting poor quality leads after an upswing in traffic can be attributed to multiple factors as follows

  1. Website not communicating well with visitors e.g. 'call to action' unclear
  2. Information on the website is incomplete
  3. Website speed is slow
  4. Broken Links or Missing Links on the website
  5. Website is either image heavy or content heavy and thus is not user-friendly
  6. High bounce rate and exit rates on the website, mainly because users do not see expected information on the pages or sections they visit.

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  • The Planext team is sincere, professional and expert in software development. They created student information portal for us.

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