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Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few years, you’ll already know that Microsoft’s search engine is called Bing. But do you know how it’s different? Bing used to call itself a decision engine but now it prides itself on the maxim, “Bing is for Doing.” Since the change Bing has overtaken Yahoo to become the second most used search engine in the U.S.

Bing’s PPC ad product has changed extensively over the years, both in terms of reach and names. Formerly called adCenter, Microsoft and Yahoo struck a deal to become the second largest PPC network, called the Search Alliance but affectionately known in the PPC industry as BingHoo.

Now simply Bing Ads, this PPC network differentiates itself from Google AdWords as being the first to offer enhanced campaigns for mobile PPC, via the default search engine for Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface tablets and Xbox One.



Yahoo! and Microsoft each gave something up when they entered into the search alliance. Yahoo! gave up control of its ad platform. Microsoft conceded that it would never be a serious player in the search space unless it increased market share, which was in the single digits prior to the alliance.

So, the two struck a deal. Microsoft would own the ad platform and the advertisers, and would promise Yahoo! a certain amount of revenue per search. The idea presumably was that by combining resources, market share (and thereby revenue) would increase.

The deal was set to expire this year. But last week, Yahoo! and Microsoft renewed it for another year.

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